How Long Must We Wait?

How Long Must We Wait?

So, this summer (Summer 2022), we are studying the Psalms of Asaph in my summer Bible Study. First, if you haven’t read that backstory of Asaph – go find him in the Chronicles. He is a super cool guy! Second, his Psalms are pretty jam packed! A few of his psalms are imprecatory Psalms – those that call for God’s judgment.

The week that we studied Psalm 79 (probably worth a quick read if you are interested), my Bible study leader asked the group: “What type of song do you envision this being? Should we sing this song/type of song in worship today?” Immediately, all eyes shift to me because they want to know what the songwriter has to say. Talk about pressure. 🙂

Even though I don’t think what I would write would sound anything like the original (middle Eastern music has half-tones, people), I was given one line of melody right there on the spot that I sang for people. “How long, Oh Lord, will Your jealousy burn like fire?” It kept repeating in my head all the way home. And then a kind of angsty verse vibe was in my head for the next several weeks as the song worked its way out.

Although in some respects, this song was hard to write, it was also a gift. For instance, I’ve never been like the Israelites, who failed God’s specific covenant agreement with them, and God was jealous enough for them that He sent in neighboring nations to kill all my people. But, once the song was done, I realized how much I can relate to their cry. Their cry of “How long, oh Lord?” We, too, want the suffering to end, and for the Lord to set everything right. And, I had to throw a little Isaiah 53 in there. As Asaph recognizes his peoples’ need for forgiveness, we must also recognize that, and call upon the only God who saves.

I hope you like it!

How long must we wait?

Yours, all of this is yours/All the rubble all the ruin/All the blood that’s been poured like water upon a thirsty shore/’Til the ground is saturated and it cries “No more!/No more!”/It cries out, “No more!”

How long, Oh Lord, will Your jealousy burn like fire? How before You pour Your wrath on Your rivals? Why should the nations say, “Where is their God? Can He save?” How long, oh, how long must we wait?

Ours, ours is this desperation/Ours are the sins of past generations/Deliver us, Oh God/May our groans reach Your ears in this dire hour/In this hour, as we cry out

Lord, we deserve Your anger/For all like sheep we’ve gone astray/And without Your loving-kindness no one would remain/So, God have mercy on us/Forgive our sins for Your name’s sake/That we might forever praise the only God who saves!

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