Sitting here in studio on August 9th, 2022! Starting to record this song! With three days in studio, and this in the middle – this is a blast! I will say, it is interesting to record a song that was 6 months old, and then start on this one which is 10 years old!

This song is one of the only songs I have written that doesn’t have much personal connection at the time it was written. It is a song about the transition that happens as one becomes a believer in Christ. As the gospel of John says: Everyone stays in the dark for the fear of their deeds being exposed. But, there is freedom in exposure and forgiveness. And, although I do identify with this song, I wrote it years after I would identify with the experience. It was written because of several students that I have interacted with – how they so clearly wanted to live without their lives exposed. However, they (we all) still feel such shame over them, even if they are hidden. That is not an accident. The Lord knows that it is not the way to live in freedom, grace, and goodness. But, once we experience that shame, we don’t think we can ever make it out. Which, we can’t on our own. That is the beauty of Jesus’ sacrifice. He takes on Himself the punishment, wrath, shame, humiliation and allows all who confess Him as Savior to walk into the freedom of new life.

That is what is song is about, and I’m going to let these lyrics speak for themselves!


Living life in the dark was a promise of freedom/Could do what we wanted, with no one to see us/I don’t  need a mirror to know what I’ve become/One look inside me would reveal a heart of stone

Such a lonely existence, longing to see the sun/Just want someone to notice, who won’t care what I’ve done/Look into my eyes and see me/The real me

Is there light out there somewhere, I haven’t found it yet/Is there Hope out there that someday, I can enter inCan I will walk into the Light of Day, Unafraid, Unashamed

I walk in the shadows, ashamed of my very skin/What once offered freedom is the jail I’m living in/I need someone to run into this darkness/To feel loved is all I’ve ever wanted

I’ve been watching, I’ve seen Him:  The Unapproachable light/He’s coming towards me/Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide/What if that man sees me like this, stains on my hands, stains on my lips

He reaches me, I fall to the ground, brace myself for rejection/Look up, no one’s around; just one lonely man, in Him I see my reflection/A different face with my filth and my stains, He shares in my pain, no longer afraid/I look down I realize He took them from me, I am free, I am clean

If there is light out there somewhere for me/There is light out there somewhere for you

There is light out there somewhere, I’ve seen it/There is Hope out there that someday, You can enter in/I will walk you to the Light of Day, unafraid, unashamed

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