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The Stories Are True

The Stories Are True

Released 4/3/21!!!

This is concept album of the Old Testament! Never heard one? I hadn’t either! So, I thought it was about time to make one!

I’m hoping that as you listen, you will find out that the stories are true! And not only that, but so much of the characters share the same struggles that we do today. As I sing, I remember God’s faithfulness to His people then, and that He is faithful to His people still today.

Here is a listing of tracks, along with the Scripture they came from. As always, the full lyrics and stories behind the writing of the songs is available on my blog page!

1.  In the Beginning – Genesis 1-2. 2.  The Wrestler – Genesis 32:22-32

3.  Pillar of Fire – Exodus 13:21-22. 4.  Know You More – Exodus 33:18-23

5.  Praise in the Wilderness – Exodus-Joshua, Israelites in the wilderness

6. Gideon – Judges 6-7. 7.  Life From Ashes – I Samuel, life of David

8.  Mighty Is He – Psalm 93. 9.  Mephibosheth – 2 Samuel 9

10. Solomon’s Prayer – 1 Kings 8. 11. A Remnant – 1 Kings 19

12. Jehoshaphat – 2 Chronicles 20. 13. Find the Melody – Zephaniah 3

14. The River Runs – Psalm 42; Jeremiah 2:13; Ezekiel 47; Matthew 5; Revelation 22

A Look Inside

A Look Inside

A Look Inside was my first studio album, released March 15th, 2019!

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The album is available on all online platforms and I have a few hard copies left!

Track List: 1. Rather Have Loved 2. Will You Say It Again? 3. Displacement 4. This Is Who I Am 5. Through My Eyes 6. Over the Edge 7. His Heart 8. Empty Spaces 9. Rescue Me From Me 10. On My Side 11. Eternity Echoes 12. Divine Trade

If you want the lyrics to any song on the album as well as the story behind the song, head to my Blog Page and type the song title into the search bar!