His Heart

His Heart

Well, there has been a lot of thought that has gone into this song before I even knew I was thinking about it!  (Yes…that is kind of hard to wrap one’s head around). Here’s when I consciously started thinking about the topic:  I was sitting in a BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) leader’s meeting and we were discussing the doxology in Romans 11 “Oh the depths of the wisdom and knowledge of God. How unsearchable His judgements and His paths beyond finding out.  Who has known the mind of the Lord or who has been His Counselor? … For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things.  To Him be the glory. Amen!”  After the discussion, it hit me: there are so many things in life and about God that we will never understand.  We can’t.  God is so indescribably huge and all-knowing, and we are not, so there are things beyond us. “Too wonderful to know” in the words of the Psalmist.  This makes sense.  What doesn’t make sense is that an incredibly huge and powerful God has a heart and emotions just like me.  And, even though we get glimpses of His thoughts, we get His whole heart.  Granted, I think if we felt to the full measure God feels, we couldn’t take it – but, we still know the heart of God and what it values.  He calls to have the same heart, and value the same things.

So, crazy enough, although I spend so much time trying to understand hard concepts, I’m beginning to think that isn’t what God wants us to spend all our time on.  This is who I am as a mathematician.  I want to know more.  And although I’m not bashing seeking knowledge, isn’t that what Adam and Eve were after when they sinned?  They wanted to know as much as God knows.  But, God wants us to understand His heart, not His reasons or thoughts or ways (mainly because in some areas, we are incapable.  End of story).  He wants us to reach out and love as He loves.  He wants us to mourn with others, rejoice with them, love all others – desire their best.  This is an action that has no bounds.  He constantly and consistently wants us to know more of His heart so we can show the world His heart. I am someone who does not enjoy being emotional (especially upset).  So, the fact that I not only cannot know things that I want to know, but also should value the emotions God has given me – that is a struggle.  But, God made us to know Him, and that includes His heart.  And life is better, richer, and more full when we know the heart of God.

His Heart

Oh the depths of the riches of wisdom and knowledge of God
How His plans and His ways are beyond what we know
It’s a wonder that we could begin to wrestle at all
With a Maker that none yet can behold

But oh-oh-oh, His heart longs to be known

Reaching out with the arms of a Father
Wrapped in the garb of a Son
Though we can’t know the mind of our Savior
We can know His heart

Who of us could ever imagine the breadth of the Love
That gives all His wealth to ransom His foes
Who are we but drops in a bucket or dust on the scales
Like the mist here today but tomorrow we’re gone

Oh-oh-oh, He made us to know His heart

Oh-oh-oh He longs to be to known (x2)
So-oh-oh we feel the fall, the pain, the price it takes
To make a way to break the chains
So we can see the truth from lies and know we are reconciled
To His Heart
For He made us to know

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