This song is an “oldie but a goodie” in the words of some.  This is the only song that I have ever successfully written about the testimony of someone else.  So, if you really want to hear the full story, you will have to ask Jay or Missy Durbin, seeing as this song is their life story.  Both of them lived without their father from a very young age.  In Jay’s case, his father died when Jay was young, and the only faith that he knew, he left behind rapidly.  He didn’t believe there was a God who could care about him, especially in the midst of that tragedy.  After meeting Missy, marrying, and then wanting to start a family, the desire to be good parents and have a loving household in which to raise their kids became a priority. 

Jay tells of hearing the message from the pulpit from Jeremiah 6:16, which says, “This is what the Lord says: ‘Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls. But you said, ‘We will not walk in it.’”  This resonated with Jay but it wasn’t until some time later that he realized that he was truly saying, “I will not walk in it,” by turning his back on Christ.  Realizing that nothing he was trying to build with his own hands for his family would become reality without Christ (and with way more of a story than I’m telling here), Jay and Missy found faith in Jesus.  And they love their kids well.  They adopted myself and many other college kids and share their faith and their love of Jesus.  It makes my heart happy that they love this song and their kids love this song – although it may be the most bare bones recording I ever do.  I was so scared for them the first time I played it that I dropped my pick halfway through the song.  Although no song could fully do justice to God’s saving work in a human heart, I’m glad I can journey with them at least a little bit through music.

I stood at the crossroads
So young I remember the first time
You spoke plain about what was right
I saw I had a choice to make
More than one path to take
But only the narrow would lead to life
I trusted my family, accepted everything that they said to believe
So I could follow their words while Yours became unheard
I was convinced from what they said
No harm would come to be on anything dear to me
So I followed them down that road
I stand at the crossroads
Emptiness inside my soul
The innocence of youth no longer known
The pain so strong, I did nothing wrong
He meant more to me than what I could ever own
Why is he gone?
So, at this crossroad, tell me, why should I press on?
I’m done with this hit and miss, I will not walk on it
You broke me down so count me out, I’m never coming back
I’m not listening, stay away from me
I am in control, I can do this on my own
I fall apart, take me to the start
I’m falling apart, I’ve fallen apart
So, I am at the crossroads
A place I swore I’d never be
But I must admit it’s been haunting me
The road I chose got me nowhere, just looking backwards
Now I understand, I GET IT:  I can’t do this all alone
I need You, and You alone
So from this day on, I choose the narrow
At the crossroads
Now I stand at the crossroads
Everyday in each step take
You are the light that guides my way
Help me to seek Your will
Though the trials test me still
I am Yours at the crossroads
At the crossroads

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