Your Kingdom Come

Your Kingdom Come

This is an old song I wrote a while ago.  It is a reflection on all the phrases in Matthew 13 where Jesus says, “The kingdom of heaven is like…”  The kingdom of heaven is like yeast, that when put into a batch of dough, spreads and causes the whole to rise.  It is like a mustard seed, which grows into the largest of garden plants. It is like a field where the sower plants his seed. It is like a net catching all kinds of fish.  It is like a treasure in the field or an expensive pearl that would cause a man to sell all he has to buy it and so gain the treasure.  

Now, I’m not going to pretend I know all about each of the parables Jesus told about the kingdom of heaven.  On the contrary, I know very little.  But, I know that we cannot always see God’s kingdom present on earth, but it is here!  We are to pray that His kingdom come on earth (Lord’s Prayer).  When we forsake ourselves, our nature, our own desires in order to gain His, we give up our lives but to gain the greatest gift – His grace and our salvation.  He then enables us to live lives of purpose for His glory.  And, look what God can do with our very little! Like a mustard seed, it grows far more than exponentially.  That’s what the kingdom is about.  To me, this song becomes a song of hope because it shows us that God is always at work even if we can’t see it.

Just recently, when preparing for a house show, I wanted to play this song.  I was never super excited about the bridge because I had never really figured one out.  I thought that if I ever took it to studio, maybe Luke could do some cool instrumental thing.  But, I was just chillin’ and playing my set list and started looking at this song, went to church, and at church a bridge started forming, and I came home and wrote it down!  I think it adds a lot rhythmically to the song (which I realize you can’t quite get from the lyrics, but maybe someday you can hear it!).

Your Kingdom Come

It’s hard to believe in what we can’t see
Been told this a million times
But even a small seed brings a forest alive, alive tonight, yeah
If we see increase when the yeast inside
Causes the whole to rise
Then what of the unseen right before our eyes, our eyes tonight, yeah
Keep Your kingdom coming
‘Cause with arms open wide we’re running

To embrace the mysterious
Though I can’t see, I feel it come
Fan into flame the smoldering embers
Until we surrender to Your kingdom come
And it has begun

So we’ll be searching like a merchant
For the pearl of the greatest price
Could it really be worth this? To leave it all behind tonight, yeah
For what is concealed in this empty field
Is worth every sacrifice
In time it will reveal a greater design, design tonight, yeah
Keep Your kingdom coming
‘Cause with arms open wide we’re running

Is it here yet? IT IS
Are we not all the seeds at the heart of His kingdom come?
Is it here now?  YES
But still on its way as His Life sparks the fire that burns our kingdoms down

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