Solomon’s Prayer

Solomon’s Prayer

Man, I just love the Old Testament.  We finished our study at BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this year with the study of Solomon’s life.  (We started with Joshua, went through Saul and David to Solomon).  When Solomon builds the temple for the Lord that David wanted to build, he dedicates it with this crazy, huge, awesome prayer.  The prayer is a plea that God hear His people from wherever they are if they turn toward Him and His dwelling place (the temple).  But, he predicts all sorts of crazy things that will happen to the Israelites (even exile), but asks that if they admit their sins and turn back to the Lord, that the Lord forgive them and bring them back to their land.

What I find fascinating about the prayer, aside from it’s predictions, is two things.  First, Solomon isn’t praying just for the forgiveness of His people and their restoration to their land and keeping their inheritance.  He doesn’t pray that these things happen unless there is heart change.  This is a prayer that I want to be true in my life.  As I sing this song, I hope that the desire to be a new person continually washes over me and draws me closer to Him.  Second, Solomon prays for the foreigner.  I actually have no idea, but I’m unsure if there are really other instances recorded in Scripture where an Israelite, much less a king, prays for a foreigner.  And Solomon prays that they would come to know the Lord as God.  Which I am not sure anyone else was praying at the time – and isn’t that to be our prayer as well?  That others come to know Him?

So, because I loved His prayer so much, I wanted to capture it in song.  But, it is lengthy in Scripture, and I am a wordy songwriter.  This is a bit different of a song structure with no chorus, but hopefully still coherent.  It is also the longest song I have ever written.  So, I’m just following after Solomon 🙂

Solomon’s Prayer

Oh Lord, the God of Israel, there is none like You  
You who keep Your covenant of love with all who in faith abide
Let Your Word become true of my life

Oh Lord, God of Israel, will You come to dwell with us?
For even the highest heaven cannot contain Your glory
Yet You’re here in this house where You said Your Name shall be
Hear me cry, Oh Lord, hear my plea
Oh Lord, God of Israel, when the skies bring no rain
When plague or disaster overlay the promise
Then aware of our hearts’ afflictions and our own rebellion
We turn to seek Your face
Forgive our wickedness; Teach us the right way to live
That we may fear Your Name          

Oh Lord, God of Israel, You alone know our hearts
Surely we will stray from You again, for there is none who is righteous
But in our sins, please don’t leave us

Sovereign Lord of Israel who led us out of Egypt
From the fire yet back into the fire we’ll go for our redemption
In the land where we are held captive, if we admit of our sin we’re ashamed
And that we need Your grace
With all our heart and soul we turn back to You from our wrongs
Don’t let us remain unchanged
Don’t let us remain the same

Oh Lord, God of Israel, you are the God of the foreigner
For we were once all enemies of Your love
When from a distant land we come, from every people and tribe and tongue
Brought nearer by the blood
Then hear from heaven above, even as You dwell with us
That all may know You are, You are God

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