Baby Fan

Baby Fan

Well, friends…I certainly do have a lot of songs in the hopper!  I just was in Nashville working on two different songs – that was a blast and they are going to be SWEET!  I am working on a Hebrews 11 song that I hope will be done next month, so I thought I’d make a double post for January!

I wrote a cute, sappy song (in my opinion) over Christmas break. On Christmas Eve, I found out that a dear friend of mine and her husband are expecting their first baby.  Now, this friend of mine listens to me all the time, which is super encouraging to me.  But, I thought about it…and I think this is the first baby that will listen to me in utero!  And, babies can hear!  Maybe not in their first trimester though…  But, as I started penning a song and a prayer for this little one, I realized it was becoming a song and would need a second verse.  

Another friend of mine has told me that her kids listen to me in the car.  She sent me a video in the fall of her two year old daughter singing “Eternity Echoes” at the top of her lungs even though she only knows every other syllable.  The video had the caption: “She’ll choose ‘Echoes’ over Christmas music anyway.”  What a privilege to write songs that kids want to listen to.  I aspire to write music that speaks truth.  Truth for me. Truth for you.  I never thought the next generation would be listening to it.  This song is my processing of that fact.  It’s all truth, some genuine serious, and some happy and sappy.  But, it’s all yours for the taking.

Baby Fan

Yesterday I was told I have my first baby fan
A little apricot size human listening to all my jams
I don’t know if you can hear yet, but I’m sure that you can feel it when
Your momma drops the chain and we sing out as the remnant

You got me all thinking ‘bout what I say
And why I sing what I sing

It’s so you’ll know our God, His glory, and His grace
And that you’ll learn no tongue can do justice to His praise
May you hear His truth sung throughout your days
And may you come to seek His face

Better than a back up band are car seats filled with mini-fans
Who sing along more than their moms, perhaps, had planned
But eternity will echo within your heart that’s two years old
As you recite the syllables you’ll one day understand

You got me all thinking ‘bout what I say
But as you grow and as you change
My song will say the same

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