Mystery Come Close

Mystery Come Close

I have songs coming out of my ears, friends!!  I’ve written two songs, but I am so excited that I have to share the song I wrote most recently before the one earlier last month!  

Currently, I am studying the book of Acts in Bible Study Fellowship, and it has been awesome!  When we were studying Acts 10 – where Gentiles are welcomed in to God’s plan of salvation, my friend gave a talk on God’s mysteries, focusing on the mystery of the Church.  I was struck by her explanation of a Biblical mystery.  As she says, “It is not a question of ‘who done it?'”  A Biblical mystery is a truth that has always been, but God chooses to reveal at the appointed time.  One of these mysteries is the church.  God has always been about everyone, despite race, being welcomed into His plan of salvation.  We see this in Ruth and Rahab, and foretold by the prophets.  But, it isn’t until Cornelius that it becomes apparent that salvation is a free gift for all, and that God is building a community out of every people to be His chosen people, His bride the Church.  However, when studying Acts, why stop at that mystery?  

What about the mystery of God’s Spirit with us?  Up until the time of Pentecost, God’s Spirit did come down on some for a limited time.  By Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, He created the way for God to commune with us indefinitely by His Holy Spirit.  He could have stayed on earth as human flesh, but instead sent His Spirit to indwell every believer at all times!
Now, those are some mysteries!  The song itself has such an upbeat and hopeful tone with the lyrics: “Oh the gravity of this mystery come close! … We can be daughters, we can be sons!  No separation; we’ve been made one by the blood.”  

The other line that was belabored for some time was the last line of the bridge, “For Your mysteries never change, and yet just like Your mercies, they’re new everyday.”  Scripture tells us that His mercies are new every morning.  His gift of mercy never changes, but it is new, experienced afresh for every need in everyday.  I think that though a “big” reveal happened at Pentecost and Cornelius’s house in Acts 2 and 10, respectively, I think we can experience His mysteries afresh each day, as we desire to learn from and commune with the Spirit and create unity in the Church.
Also, some of the best imagery I’ve written is in this song!  To God be the glory!

Mystery Come Close
A stone rolled back; An age begins
The tomb laid bare had witnesses
They waited in Jerusalem 
For He had promised His Spirit

Gathered in one place, the shock wave hit
Each soul aflame and filled with breath
As His fiery Presence split and came to rest
No one exempt from His nearness

Oh the gravity of this mystery come close
Set into motion so long ago
Remaining hidden until now fully known:
We can be daughters; we can be sons
No separation from our God 
With us 

The ripple effect was widespread
Still they were amazed when it led to Cornelius
For it’s not by race, but by grace that we’re grafted in
And this was His plan from Abraham

Oh the gravity of this mystery come close
Set into motion so long ago
Remaining hidden until now fully known:
We can be daughters; we can be sons
No separation; We’ve been made one
By the blood                   
The dead are raised so that we know His power to save
All who call on His name
No distance too great; No chain that He cannot break
Come set ablaze Your purpose in us to reign 
For Your mysteries never change
And yet just like Your mercies
They’re new everyday

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