Be The Change

Be The Change

My guess is this song might get buried, as I’m most likely going to be posting twice this weekend!  But, it has been my goal to get all the songs I’ve written sorted through and either keep them in my repertoire, get rid of them, or rewrite them if they are old songs that I think can grow.  This was on the rewrite list.  In some ways, I think I’m happy with how this turned out, but in other ways, I have mixed feelings.  I have two songs (this being one of them) that could probably be categorized “cheesy Christian radio hits.”  Which part of me really doesn’t like, because I want to say something real, more than just a cheesy slogan of hope, but real hope that sits in the trenches.  However, this song I wrote shortly after beginning teaching and it was/is a call to be the change in the world. As I rewrote it, I was convicted that what was missing from the song was the largest and truest Difference Maker in this call to be the change:  His Spirit.  Romans 8:11 says that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us!  So, it is He living through us that brings change in the world.  With that addition, it still kind of sounds like a Christian radio single.  But, I’m just embracing it.  It feels like that is the appropriate vibe for the song.  And, as long as it speaks truth, so be it!  So, if you can take it as it is, here’s the song Be The Change.

Be the Change

I’m sick and tired of this worldview
Everybody singing their own tune
Gotta break the solitude, oh
Let’s pause, let the Spirit mold our thoughts
Let His love realign our hearts
‘Cause there’s only one way to make this life count:
Gotta learn to lay it down

You and I gotta believe 
In what lives inside of you and me 
Watch Him break out who we’re becomin’
En route to spread the love and 
Be the change we’re waiting to see
You and me, we gotta believe

I think it’s time we made our debut
If you believe in the One who saved you
Come on out, this is your cue
Be strong, as He helps us right the wrongs 
Oh yes, as we overcome
So don’t you leave this work undone
Don’t stop ‘til there’s a revolution

Within our veins flows the same
Power that gained victory over the grave
And I know it’ll take just a little bit of faith
To embrace that You and I can be the change
You and I can be the change
You and I can be the change

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