The Order of Melchizedek

The Order of Melchizedek

Wow – it has been about 7 months since I’ve written a new song to post on the monthly song blog. But, COVID teaching and releasing an album…all the things. Those things get in the way of songwriting. Who knew?

But, this one was a fun one to write. After writing a song with Mephibosheth in it, why not write a song about Melchizedek? There’s actually more Biblical chapters about Melchizedek, but we really have no idea who he is, really. He is a king back in Abraham’s day, known to be “king of Salem,” which modern scholars believe could be Jerusalem. We know he is also a priest. He just shows up on the scene, blesses Abraham, and Abraham gives him some of his wealth. The end.

Or so you think…then David, in a Psalm that seems to be more of a Psalm of prophecy than anything else (especially since most of David’s psalms are quite different), he shares that there will be a king, who is also a priest “in the order of Melchizedek.” So, not like the Levites, but like this mysterious guy who shows up and seems greater than Abraham.

Fast forward to the New Testament. Just when you think this isn’t amounting to much, the author of Hebrews focuses in on these ideas for several chapters. There is only ONE worthy to be both priest AND king after Melchizedek…and it’s Jesus! No other king could handle the role of priest. No other priest could be both the perfect sacrifice and the mediator. Only Jesus brings complete salvation through the ONE sacrifice of Himself. And Melchizedek, as a priest and king, foreshadows Jesus. He is priest and king in the same historical place that Jesus will reign forever (Jerusalem). The mystery that surrounds him makes him even more like Jesus.

So, when challenged to write a song, I knew it couldn’t be just about Melchizedek…there’s not enough of his narrative. But, to point to Jesus-that was a fun song to write. I don’t know if it will ever get any air time at a concert or in studio. But, if you get to hear it, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

The Order of Melchizedek

He came out of nowhere without family ties/The first mediator of God the Most High/Setting the precedent as the lone archetype/Greater than Abraham; Larger than life

He set the table with the bread and the wine/But the name Melchizedek was the preeminent sign/Even king David said there was one next in line/And everything points ahead to Jesus Christ!!

He’s priest forever in order of Melchizedek/He reigns with righteousness from His throne in Jerusalem/The greatest has come to the least of us/He has sworn and will not change His mind!/He’s a priest forever in order of Melchizedek

Now every priest who came from the house of Levi/Made atonement day after day that could never suffice/But Jesus completely saves through one sacrifice/All who approach by faith for all of time

This ancient king, shrouded in mystery/Pronounced the blessing extending forward through time /To the Great High Priest who is our King of Peace Our sin’s sure defeat, with His head lifted high

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