The Divine Trade

The Divine Trade

These might be my best lyrics yet.  I’ve watched interviews where my favorite songwriters will just tell how the words and melody flow out of their pens faster than they can really comprehend and write them down.  It doesn’t seem to happen all the time, and it certainly doesn’t to me.  But, my best work comes in that way, and that is true of this song.  The melody just hit me out of nowhere and was stuck in my head for days, and the words just began forming.

What was I thinking about when I wrote this song?  Well, I’ve been studying Romans.  I’ve been quizzed on the fact that if Romans could be described in one word it would be a book about the “gospel.”  What is the gospel?  Well, it’s the good news that God has the power to save anyone who accepts His help…because everyone needs saving.  Although, like Paul, I’m not ashamed of the gospel, it is hard to see it’s power sometimes.  Does it actually change people since I and others fall back into sin and old habits?  Does God actually care and love us since bad things happen to us?

Also, it is the season of advent.  So, when thinking about how we are living in a place of the kingdom of God is “here but not yet,” I think about all the time that Israel waited for their Messiah.  Now, we know that part of the story.  And we know His kingdom has come – although we wait for the rest.  The song became just a picture of Jesus, and what He has done, and what good news that is for us.

Divine Trade

Can I believe in a kingdom that’s coming?
Here but not yet in full manifest, still on its way
The earth felt the change as one feels the dawn break
Angelic hosts told just how close heaven remains

Oh silent night
Oh star that still shines
Where faith became sight in the darkness

I can’t comprehend the depths of compassion
The Word took on flesh, stepped into our mess to live among us
He came to His own but they did not receive Him
Sentenced and flogged, the crumbs fell to dogs at the Passover table

Oh darkest of days
When death had its way
And God turned His face from His begotten
With tears in His eyes
He gave up his Life with one final cry,
The veil that divides was torn top to bottom

Oh how infinite and unbounded His grace
That the Father would pay the debt for our crimes
Long awaited and undeserving Messiah
Offered selflessly for all of mankind

At that final hour, to Him will I cling
Wretch that I am no longer condemned, stands forgiven
My only claim is this Divine trade:
His death and life, counted as mine – FOR HE IS RISEN

Oh glorious morning
Where life is restored
Our hope is reborn everlasting
The Son anticipating
As the Father counts down the days
Until at last we will see Him alive

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