Pillar of Fire

Pillar of Fire

As expected: the start of school was insane.  So, I missed September’s post!

But, I’m hopefully headed to the studio THIS WEEKEND with my girls in my discipleship group to make another awesome addition to album 2!  The song I’m about to share date 5-6 years ago, but it is a good one!  I’ve always had it in mind to put on the Old Testament album.  It is called “Pillar of Fire” and is referencing the pillar of cloud that led the Israelites through the wilderness during the daylight, and the pillar of fire during the night.  

This song was written in the midst of a really long bout of illness (not anything super serious).  I had a common cold, turned strep, turned bronchitis, etc.  I was new enough to teaching that I just took meds and kept going.  Then, my dad put me on bedrest over Thanksgiving break, and I spent the next two months going to bed at like 7:30.  It was a bit crazy.  But, during those times, I penned the start of the song: “The night is long, my eyes are tired…searching for the glimmer of light on the horizon…can you blame me?”  I thought that might be part of a chorus, but then at some point when messing around on my guitar, the chorus just came unexpectedly, and I knew that was the verse.  The chorus says, “Oh pillar of fire, I’ve heard your stories of rescue and ransom for all my life.  Oh pillar of fire, will you come be my song, be my anthem within this night?”  

I think that we need to remind ourselves of the power of the stories we hear about God’s faithfulness.  The Israelites were called to do that, and I think we are too!  Especially when things are hard, or not as we expected them to be.  And, there is so much to be said about having His Presence with us in the middle of the darkness.  I think we have strength we wouldn’t have on our own, to walk through it, because He is with us.  That’s the cry of this song.  I’m excited to hear how it turns out!
 Pillar of Fire
The night is long, my eyes are tired
Searching for the glimmer of light on the horizon
Can you blame me?
When my fight is gone, when hope runs dry
Am I standing in the Presence of Life?
Do You walk in the nighttime?
Can You save me?
Oh, Pillar of Fire
I’ve heard Your stories of rescue and ransom for all my life
Oh, Pillar of Fire
Will You come be my song, be my anthem within this night?
Burning bright, bright, bright

Can I be honest?  I have a frail heart
That’s still afraid to walk through the shadows:  I battle the fear 
That I’ve been left here alone
With steps so small, I feel like I’m falling behind
Tell me I can hold to the promise that You are constant
And I am never on my own

Convince me You are here
Darkness with You near
Is better than the dawn
You are my song

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