Over the Edge

Over the Edge

Unlike On My Side, I have no idea where I was when I wrote this song, but it was right around the same time, because I have it dated to the month that I graduated college.  It was an interested time, to be sure!  I had been interviewing for teaching jobs, but also had interviewed for a job outside my field.  At the time, it looked most promising.  But, I also wasn’t really prepared for that job (looking back, I am super grateful because I have the job that I want – teaching high school math in a community that I love!). Regardless of what I was doing, I felt like I was “on the brink.”   I think a lot of college graduates think this.  “It’s time to swim or drown now…I hope it is the former.”

Peter’s story in the Bible as he walks on water probably stirs up the most feels for me.  Like, HOW COOL WOULD IT BE TO DO THAT?!?!?  And, although we give Peter crap for looking down – he’s still the only human who did it besides Jesus.  So, that’s something.  But, I just wanted to write a song along the vein of what it looks like to trust Jesus to walk on the water.  This is the result!

Over the Edge
My feet before the moving surface, at my shore of Galilee
From the beach I heard my purpose, when recasting nets altered my dreams
“Come, follow me,” is Your call from across the sea
Visions of greater things beckon me to the mystery
This is the step oh-oh-over the edge
There’s nothing left—keep pushin’ ahead
I’m so afraid of the woah-woah-water’s rage
You have the strength, I need the faith
To keep my eyes on Your face and off of the waves
To know-oh You’re calmin’ my sea
I’ve left it all, all to follow; Hit the wall, can’t press through
You’re walking out, out on the water; Expel my doubt, call me to You
“Come out to me,” is Your call from across the sea
With feet in I’m on the brink of a plan that is bigger than me
If I falter upon these waters
Don’t leave me
Keep me from sinking
Take my hand
Pull me from the depths
I’ll take the next step

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